Video & Stills Equipment
I use a range of video cameras while working on a project, including a Canon XH-G1, Sony HVRZ5 (with memory card module for quick tapeless workflows and archiving/backup), and the Canon 5D MkII which includes a range of lenses from fish eye to telephoto.

My stills work is taken with either a Canon 5D Mk2 or the Canon 1D Mk3.

Its the finer details that make the difference between an average result and a polished professional production. Additional equipment includes a portable dolly, steadicams, waterproof housing, green screens, wireless mics and fluid video tripod heads.

I edit ‘on the road’ with a MacBook Pro and a LACIE Little Big Disk RAID.  Back in the studio I run a 8-core, 12gb Mac Pro with Lacie Enterprise Class RAID hard drives.